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by on December 5, 2010

I have finalized my labels and after a visit with Monique I got a very good response.  She made one request to have an image of the bag with the logo on the stationary because the bag is a big part of the design for Al Dente.  I still have to finalize that layout and design with the additional item.  Other than that amendment I am pretty set on my stationary as well.


Last week we started working on poster designs.  My first ideas were more text based and after seeing other ideas I have decided to switch to a more image based design to grab the viewers attention.  My initial idea trends are to create a very busy image with a lot of ingredients, cooking utensils, and any other supplies needed for cooking combined with a slogan, “Are you confused/lost?”  or “need help straightening out the mess?”  followed by the information about Al Dente cooking demonstrations. Some of the inspiration came from searching the web, here are those images.

The only problem I am struggling with is being able to use the images.  I would need to take my own images so that they are big enough for the poster.  Another option is to draw everything to accomplish the right look that I want.   My ideas might be too lofty for this design, I may have to keep a similar idea but tone down the design.


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