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This blog is a group hub showing the collaboration of work being done in “Mapping Territories” group 1, which is taught by Franc Nunoo-Quarco.  There will be regular updates from group members about our progress, designs, and ideas for different projects.

The group:

From left to right: Sam Goldman, Sam Schulman, Emily Maier, Allie Seiler, Chelsae Blackman, Andrew Hainen

Our Mission:

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Al Dente Pasta: Pasta with Personality

Al Dente Pasta Company prides itself on its small town inception and local appeal.  Over the past 30 years it has expanded into a nationally sold brand.  As the company has grown, with new types of pasta and sauces being added, the logo and designs have evolved, making the brand’s identity scattered.  It is sold at a wide range of grocery stores and up-scale food markets.  Our group’s objective is to re-vamp and re-establish the growing national identity of Al Dente Pasta and unify the unique brand.

As of now, there is not one established logo.  The checkerboard is seen universally throughout each Al Dente product, but in different forms.  We want to begin by simplifying and clarifying the logo and identity. Our main focus for delving into this complex problem is by starting with the Papardelle line, the newest addition to the Al Dente brand.  We strive to establish a fun, unique, contemporary identity that can be recognized everywhere.  Like the Brand creator, Monique, we want this product to standout as spunky, unique, and fun while still holding true to its authentic, small town roots.

The product needs to interest a wide variety of customers from moms on the go to college students.  Pasta is eaten by almost everyone and we need to establish a visual hint that this product stands out form the rest.  We, as well as the creator, want to emphasize the freshness of the all-natural, easy to cook pasta.  It cooks in just three minutes and the line includes a large variety of flavors including garlic and herb fettuccine to low-carb delights.

As for short-term expectations, we want to establish a universal logo and develop each line of pasta further.  So that the line stands together both as a family, but also as individual products that are recognized instantly.  Long-term goals include keeping the company relevant and contemporary for years to come.  By expanding on social networking and continuing to attain new followers that will stay true to Monique’s line, the company will prosper and stay central in the food world.  The benefit of our changes will be to have a larger consumer base, to extend the Al Dente brand name, and to have a more universal logo that can be applied in a variety of social networking methods.  We are aiming to solve problems such as the disconnect between products, confusion between lines of pasta, and unifying the ever changing logo as well as the entire brand.

To solve these problems, we will be constantly revising, prioritizing, breaking down the overwhelming whole to small parts, and to work as a group, utilizing the strengths of each group member as well as varying skills, knowledge, and creativity.

One of the most important components of our project is to embrace the power of social networking by keeping a blog.  To spread the name and obtain larger numbers of followers of the product is the most effective way to help the small company to grow.  We will be working on the project for a full semester, beginning in September 2010 and ending in December.  The success of our project will be tested based on the logo identification, raise in sales, a more diverse consumer base, increased social networking and following, and greater consumer loyalty to the product.

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