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Playing with different layouts of the logotype.



Sam Schulman: Revised Packaging

Final Logo Ideas :: Sam Goldman

Week 3 :: Emily Maier

After the class critique last Monday I felt that my design needed more personality to mimic the strong personality of Monique, the creator.  Because of this I decided to go for a hand-drawn look for the font as well as a hand drawn more script style for the illustrations.

The font that I used here is a quick sample drawn with the brush tool and some of the things that I am looking at sharpening are the spacing between the letters. the similarity between ascenders and descenders as well as the x height and y height.  I am also focusing on the symmetry of the whole title and the weight that it has in order to differentiate the hierarchy and the important aspects of the title.  One of the solutions that I came up with in terms of hierarchy is using a different font for the words “pasta company” to contrast the script style of the brand name, as well as size, and I am testing whether or not the word “company” is necessary or if “co.” is more useful.

Logo/Logotype Review with Steven Driscoll Hixson


Today our class met with designer Steven Driscoll Hixson and discussed our logos and designs for Al Dente Pasta.  Franc and Steven began working group by group, by split up mid way through and helped individuals with their designs.  It was great to get input from a professional designer who hadn’t seen any of the work yet, and was really able to question things we hadn’t seen or thought about before.

As we move into Fall Break, (Monday the 18th, and Tuesday the 19th are off for Michigan students) we’ll reconvene next week with new designs and branding for Al Dente, hopefully getting ever closer to complete branding packages for Monique.

A great thank you to Steven Driscoll Hixson for taking the time out to help us with our designs!  You can find some of his work at

Week 3 :: Sam Goldman

on label copy

Week 2 :: Andrew Hainen


As I began this week, I knew I had to work on the illustrations first because I was pretty sure that the “empty space” I was feeling in my designs was some sort of imagery or iconography.  With lots of labels, it’s easy to get by on simple shapes and creative layouts with color coded areas; what I mean is using just shapes and designs, no actual imagery to present the information.  With these, the previous labels had a very home-drawn feeling of icons for each type of pasta that added a lot to the packaging I feel.  To maintain that “homey” feeling, I really wanted to keep the illustrations and not move to just type or just simple shapes.  In my mind, that seems to be a trend toward modern design and minimalism, which I don’t think Monique would want Al Dente to be moving towards, in a certain sense.

After producing the illustrations, I thought things would fit together better because I would have more pieces of this puzzle, but I really found myself stuck.  The illustrations were meant to have a consistent feel of drawing, so as to convey the pasta as all one brand of Al Dente.  Getting them to mesh with the labels I had produced before wasn’t too hard, but I still haven’t come anywhere near nailing the colors down as for what to use.  I think in my mind, I feel that I’m going to use X colors, and I’m planning on Monique and Al Dente just being ready to change colors for corporate reasons.  This probably will happen, but I’m kind of hindering myself in the design process by thinking ahead to this part.

(The following are more labels, but are very early works-in-progress).

Lastly, I had been using the logo I produced last week and really do feel set on Chapparal Pro as the typeface.  Sam though (I think) mentioned last week that the circular logo seen above felt very much like the Food Channel’s logo.  I think that this happened because I usually start all logos from a circular shape, as it feels very contained, more like a stamp, confident, and just easier to work with in lots of situations of use.  This one happened to settle on one that looked just like the Food Channel’s, and now that I see it, I definitely will be working on it more and not sticking with just the circle.  (I was typing it out, but they need a formal way of typing “haha” just to emphasize that I kind of smacked myself after realizing how close the logo was)

These were brief and they feel corporate, but fun.  I’m afraid they’re moving away from the traditional/vintage feel of Al Dente.  but, I’m going to try and use them in the long run, definitely not set on these.  (Which again are works-in-progress).

Week 1 :: Sam Goldman

Start of ideas:

Week 2 :: Emily Maier

I took what we talked about in class on Monday and the original designs that I made and then did some alterations from there.  We talked about the weight of the lines Al Dente and Pasta Company, and how hierarchy of information is important when using these lines.  We talked about how size can and spacing can be used to make this differentiation.  I made different iterations of each design and made new pieces from those designs.

Week 1 :: Emily Maier

I made these designs while trying to come up with a new way to incorporate the checkerboard into the logo or the information about the 3 min. cooking time.  Along with the other group members we came up with the idea to create an acronym for the company in order to help create a super-simplified logo, which could be applied to various networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.